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Will possibly serve: Fort Smith, Greenwood, Van Buren, Waldron, Mansfield, Hackett, Paris & Booneville
$30 for 4 classes until we have our own Studio.

This journey breaks down each pose to a better degree of understanding to not only help you get the most of out each twist but to help maximize the use of the breath.  Classes are typically 20-60 minutes & are lighter on the body.

This journey moves you through classes averaging 30-60 minutes, with a few postures that teach the Intermediate Student how to approach future Advanced Classes.   Get ready to strengthen your entire existence.

Get ready for the journey of your life.  Classes ranging from 45-90 Minutes consisting of Advanced Balances, Mind Opening Yin, Deep Meditation Breathing Techniques, Lung Expanding Cardio & Soul Strengthening Postures.